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We are always looking to increase the healthy options for our children.

How it works:

  1. You commit to providing meals.  You can stop monthly given 5 business days notice.

  2. Each week before Friday at noon, you provide via an online portal a menu for the week.  One meal per day. Including pictures and a description.

  3. You accurately indicate allergies and possible allergic contamination.

  4. Each morning, you are sent a number meals ordered by school location.  No substitutions, changes, etc.

  5. You pack these meals in provided Green Bag Lunch bags, load them into separate containers by delivery location, and a courier picks them up from you at 11am on school days.

  6. You are paid at the end of each week depending on the number of meals provided.

  7. You understand that the more graphically and descriptive you make the meals the more likely you will have orders.

  8. You also understand that cutting costs will lower the quality and lead to less orders.

  9. If the production of food fails and is not produced for the carrier, you agree to pay $1,000 fine for representational damages.

  10. You are paid $5 per meal.

Green Bag Lunch is not taking responsibility of the food, only the logistics.  The food, its safety, etc. remains in the hands of the producer.

If you agree, interested in supplying lunches? Please fill out this info.